Have we ever known such a wet off season? However, as BST approaches at the end of this month, I am feeling very positive.  I reckon that all our events this year will be blessed by good, sunny, warm and cooling light breezes  – just the law of averages! We just need the courses to recover from all the exceptional rain they have suffered.

Thank you to all our members who have sent in entries for our four events: Spring Meeting, President’s Day, Mixed Meeting & Autumn Meeting. I hope you all enjoy your days.

The SPRING MEETING on Monday 27 April at Littlehampton currently has just 1 space left if any member is interested in securing this last slot. Act quickly though once you have read this! Following a meeting I had with the club recently, given the number of players, we will be starting on the 5th and 15th tees. The start sheet and notes will be sent to lead players soon. Littlehampton have very recently appointed new caterers and having negotiated our menu I am expecting great food!

PRESIDENT’S DAY on Wednesday 17 June at Haywards Heath is obviously ‘Janet’s special day’. I am organising the golf and player aspects and Janet has arranged all the club details. There is space for another 6 teams, so if interested please get your entry and payment into me. I know it would be gratifying for Janet to welcome a full field, as well as chatting to as many of you as she can on this day.

The MIXED meeting at Seaford on Friday 21 August is an inaugural event for the SLC & SGA. The response to this event has been good. Entries continue to steadily arrive on my doorstep. We currently have space for up to another 14 pairs.  It is 4BBB format (90% handicap). All is in hand and I am confident that this will be a very successful first event for the association.

The AUTUMN MEETING is on Thursday 7 October at Cowdray Park. There are just 8 spaces left, so if interested in playing please get your entry and payment into myself.

In the meantime, happy golfing, when one can get on any course, enjoy the longer days when they soon arrive and I look forward to seeing you at our meetings.

If you have any queries about any of the above events, please do not hesitate to contact me at e.fell19@icloud.com or 01243 264487.