Match Report v Hants – 3rd August 2017

Sep 9, 2017 | Archives

Following Wednesday’s torrential rain, I wondered if Meon Valley Golf Course would be open. Thursday dawned with overcast skies and high winds which reached gale force during the afternoon but only a shower or two of rain whilst we were playing, thank goodness. What we had not bargained for was the Wickham Music Festival taking place about 2 miles away from the golf course. On Wednesday, more than 3in of rain fell on already sodden fields turning them into quagmires needing tractors to tow cars and campervans on to the site. Inevitably this caused a massive build up of traffic in the lane outside the entrance resulting in a knock-on effect to the main road. Some members of our team waited in the queue for 1½ hours. All of this meant there was a chaotic start to the day with no introduction of pairs before the game – as soon as we had a complete four, they were sent out to play. Some had to take their bacon rolls out with them! Not the best way to begin playing a course with which you were unfamiliar.

Despite the weather, the course was in good condition and I think when everyone settled down they enjoyed the challenge. Thanks go to Kathy and her team of Hampshire ladies for their hospitality; Meon Valley looked after us well.

The combination of the high winds and an unfamiliar course proved a major test for most of our team and we were soundly beaten by the Hampshire Ladies: 7 -1.